Monday, March 21, 2011

Practicing - Like Eating, Breathing and Anything Else!

If we've spent any time together whatsoever talking about music, you've heard my philosophy on practicing, but for those of you who haven't had the pleasure/torture, here it is:

I would rather have my students (or myself, for that matter) practicing just five minutes a day rather than trying to "binge practice" one day a week or right before the lesson. Think about it like trying to run faster, jump higher, or lose weight.

If a really out of shape person wants to lose some pounds and get ready for a race, which method sounds smarter: 1) Workout for 25 hours by doing 50 half-hour sessions spread over about two months, or 2) Work out for 25 hours consecutively (one day and one hour)?

Obviously choice 1 is smarter, because if you're really out of shape, choice 2 will land you in the hospital or the morgue!

Anyway, the key is to practice a lot, but over a long period of time. So set yourself up a plan, a place, and go play!

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