Monday, July 25, 2011

Drum Set Tuning

You know that shirt or pair of pants that doesn't quite fit right? I have some of those clothes, and I hate wearing them. Usually they only come out when everything else is in the laundry. By contrast, there are a few things that I wear that I feel make me look pretty good - I wear those things as often as possible! They make me feel comfortable and confident. 

What does this have to do with drumming? Well - think about how your drums sound. Which drum do you think sounds horrible? How often do you play that drum? On my kit, it's anything that's got a 12" diameter (12" drums are from the Devil, I swear it). They just don't sound good, so I don't want to play them. 

My 10" toms, you ask? Heaven! I use those drums all the time. Which drums sound great on your kit? 

My point is that you are limiting yourself - whether you know it or not - by not loving the sounds on your kit. 

Here are a few resources I use to make my drums sound as good as possible: 

Of course it helps to have a good quality of drum and heads, but time invested in tuning will pay off in big ways. 

My students are always welcome to bring a drum to their lesson (with some new heads!) and see if we can make it play nice with your kit.

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