Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Slow-Fast Workout

The way our brains work is really interesting, especially when we're learning to do something new with our hands.

Since music is a language, we want to be able to "speak" without fumbling or having to think about what words we're going to use. The Slow-Fast workout gives your brain a way to have a lot of repetitions on one specific thing, alternating from slow (like spelling or sounding out a word) to fast (like saying it normally). It looks like this:

You can use any sticking pattern. I use the patterns from the first section of Stick Control, but you really can put any sticking in. Just make sure it's the same in both measures(but twice as many times in the second measure).

Remember to start as slowly as you need to in order to play the whole thing with no mistakes. Then, gradually speed up (one or two clicks at a time) until you reach your goal tempo.

In order to master a pattern, I play for a full minute at a given tempo with no stops or mistakes. If you can go for a full minute, you can be pretty sure the pattern is mastered at that tempo. Then, speed it up again!

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