Friday, September 23, 2011

The Gig Log - Lokalgrown: Eagle Gate College

I'm not gonna lie, it never sounds very glorious to play a rock gig in a parking lot - unless it's the parking lot next to Eagle Gate College!

Again, I play all types of events, and this was the second year we played at Eagle Gate's back to school party. Probably the coolest part was the demonstration of police dogs. Scary cool.

Pics from the usual views. Feel free to comment and ask any questions.

The above photo includes one of the police officers (on the right), and a student in the Law Enforcement program at Eagle Gate (on the left). The student is THE BEST dancer we've ever had at a gig. Bust it, man!

Again, it's a little weird to set up in the parking lot, but at least we had trees and grass. I mean, it wasn't all pavement. 

As I mentioned in the last Gig Log, this is my favorite configuration of late. I need to get a splash added (maybe a cowbell or jam block, too) soon!

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