Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Feature: Mindy Gledhill

Mindy Gledhill* ruined my evening. Not kidding. I had planned on answering emails, making phone calls, and just generally crossing items off my "to-do" lists that I didn't get to during the day. But right on the cusp of my productivity, I came across this...

Time for a true confession: this is the first full Mindy tune I had ever listened to up to that point. I've known about her for almost a decade, had endless mentions and recommendations from friends, and even had a chance to meet Mindy at Soundcheck Series events, but never actually listened to a full song. 

So watching this video was something of a revelation. I took it in about three times before I started clicking on other videos, and before I knew it, the evening was gone.

The evening was a fair exchange for having my eyes opened to a talent like Mindy's. Her voice is golden, her songwriting ingenious, and the performance and production are very well matched. Beyond those things, I simply find myself smiling and having FUN when I'm listening to and watching Mindy's videos.

Here's another example:

Seriously! Don't you love it? On a music geek note, did you notice the changing time signatures? So much fun.

As I always say, I'm not trying in any way to give you a complete picture of Mindy Gledhill and her work, but simply to provide a jumping-off place.

Alright, one more. I just can't resist. Enjoy, and happy drumming!

*Go back up and click Mindy's name if you haven't already. You won't be disappointed, but you may be late for something...


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