Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday Feature: Steve Smith

Steve Smith is AWESOME. I've seen him play live a number of times, enjoyed his recordings and DVDs, and been inspired by his playing for years. And, yes, I've stolen quite a few of his ideas, grooves and licks. You should, too!

But I didn't truly have an appreciation for who Steve Smith is until I came across his "Drumset Technique and History of the US Beat" DVD set a few years ago. I highly recommend it.

His take on technique and practicing is one with which I thoroughly agree. And his setup is the most similar to mine of any top-level drummer I've seen.

One of Steve's ideas that really rings true with me has to do with the idea of not forcing a new concept or idea into your playing. He says that you should practice an idea very slowly at first (sound familiar?), and repeat it every day over as long a period of time as it takes for the idea to, "naturally enter your playing."

I've tried this approach, and it's rewarding. It took me a long time (several weeks), but one particularly difficult (but super cool!) lick I'd been working on surprised me at a gig by just flowing out of me during a fill. I'd never used the idea in a live situation before, and didn't try to! It just happened because I'd finally convinced my brain that it was a natural part of who I am as a player.

Yep, Steve Smith is awesome.

Oh, and he also rocks. (Ever hear of Journey?)

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