Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Weight Room: Triple Stick Control

That title sounds pretty amazing, right? "Triple Stick Control!" What I mean is that we're applying the "Slow-Fast" stick control exercise to triple subdivision - triplets (slow) and sextuplets (fast).

Here's the exercise:
As with the first version of Slow-Fast, the exercise should be repeated for a full minute at any given tempo to demonstrate mastery. So, click on the metronome at a very slow tempo - 50 to 60 beats per minute - and master the exercise with an alternate sticking, either R L R L R L or L R L R L R.

Once you've got it mastered, that's where the fun begins! Try some of these patterns, then make up your own.

  1. R L R-L R L
  2. L R L-R L R
  3. R R L-R R L
  4. L L R-L L R
  5. R L L-R L L
  6. L R R-L R R
There are endless possibilities, so have fun with it. 

If you want to take it to the next level, try it with "jazz feet." (Kick very lightly on all four counts, hi-hat very crisply on 2 and 4.)

Happy drumming!

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