Saturday, January 14, 2012

Thank you, blogosphere!

To the audience: I just need to give a sincere shout-out to all who read and contribute to this blog. It took from the first post in October 2010 until December 2011 (yep, about 14 months) to get to 1,000 total site visits. Our next 1,000 (for a total of just over 2,000) took until yesterday.

That means we were able to double our total site visits in under a month. Wow!!

Truly, from every key on my keyboard and every note in my repertoire, thank you. 

As a small token of appreciation, I'm giving away some free stuff. You can enter to win by liking the Facebook page and becoming a member of the blogsite. There's a button that says, "Join this site" up to your left as you read this.

As always, happy drumming!

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