Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Feature: Sara Bareilles

This blog is all about percussionists and drumming and things you can hit.

Well, what about people who create hits? I know you're already familiar with Sara Bareilles (because if you're not, you've literally been under a rock for the past five years), but I thought I'd just share a couple of tracks you may not have heard.

First is an unbelievably convincing cover of a tune that you also know (and if not, see the preceding comment about 'under-rock dwelling').

Seriously, Sara B covering Beyonce's "Single Ladies?" What could be better? Even though I'd heard the original tune about a billion times, I never really liked it (sorry, B) until I heard Sara's version. But now every time I hear any version of the tune, I remember this video and smile. It's awesome. 

Another cover, this one a classic tune that would have been easy to desecrate, that Sara handled with heartfelt class and grace. I heard it on Pandora one day, and it literally stopped me in my tracks. 

It's worth listening to that again, don't you think? C'mon. Press play one more time. 

And, lest you think I only like Sara covering other people's stuff, here's one that almost made me drive my car off the road when I first heard it. Clever, witty and cutting - a modern era classic. 

For me, what makes Sara a great artist is her ability to create her own art with her own, distinct style, whether it be a song of her own, or a fresh take on somebody else's. 

As always, I'm not trying to tell you Sara Bareilles' story, just give you a brief introduction and jumping off point. 


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