Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Gear Up: Practice Marimba and Xylophone

Just got back from the UMEA Mid-Winter Conference. It was awesome! Among the many people I met and things I learned, I may have come across a solution for a dilemma I've been having.

How do I get a marimba for less than an arm and a leg? Once I get one, how do I keep it from taking up my whole house?

I'll be brief and let these products speak for themselves, but here are two I was able to get an eye on, and at least one of them is definitely going to be getting a new home at my house!

First, the Musser 3PM (3 Octave Practice Marimba):

And, the Adams 3-octave marimba and 3.5-octave xylophone:

I couldn't be happier to start seeing some lower-priced instruments for percussionists. If you're taking lessons from me, you can expect to see some of these instruments in my studio soon.

Happy practicing!

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