Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Weight Room: Hands and Feet

Alright, if you've read this blog with any regularity you already know that I suggest that you can apply any exercises for your hands to your feet, as well.

Today, let's apply a simple exercise that uses hands and feet at the same time.

Here's the basic Stick Control or Slow-Fast template:

Of course, you can apply any sticking pattern to this rhythm and play it any tempo.

For this example, we'll use paradiddles (R L R R - L R L L). And instead of using two hands, we'll use the left hand (LH) on snare drum and right foot (RF) on kick drum.

It looks like this:

Again, start slow and make sure you're playing relaxed and controlled. Make sure each stroke sounds even and that the kick and snare are balanced. If you're feeling adventurous, alternate every snare drum stroke (and kick drum stroke, too, if you're playing double bass).

When this gets comfortable, throw on your favorite click sound (okay, okay - or a great rock or funk track), and try grooving it like this:

Of course, this is just one application of this concept. Using the Slow-Fast template - or anything else that works for you - try splitting up your favorite patterns between hands and feet. Then apply it to the music that you love. 

Happy drumming!

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