Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Music: The Language of Expression

From my earliest memories, I've been totally drawn in by music. There was always a lot of music around my house, from my mother singing church hymns to my older brother practicing with his metal band in the basement, and everything in between, and I took it all in.

The thing I have always loved most about music is the way it makes me feel, from happy to sad, and from excited to relaxed. I think most of us have favorite tunes we listen to when we're in a certain mood, either to enhance the mood or to change it. And music has always been used to accompany messages of religious belief, patriotism, politics, advertising, and good old fashioned love. In short, music is powerful.

But why is it so powerful? In my view, it's because it communicates to us on more levels - and in a totally different way - than the spoken or written word alone. Music entertains, expresses emotion, tells stories, persuades and enhances all kinds of communication.

So, from the time I began to play, as an ambitious 11-year-old, not only have I wanted to be an expressive musician, I've wanted to play with and listen to musicians who could get me to feel, not just hear.

It's easy to tell when a musician (or almost anybody, for that matter) is just doing something to get a paycheck, or because they feel like they have to for some reason other than the "love of the game." You can just as easily tell when someone is sincere and doing things because their heart is truly in it.

You can find passionate musicians in every genre, but I have a special respect for those who are using their music to try and make the world a better place. And while there are many mainstream examples of this, I've been noticing more of the religious/spiritual genres lately. There really is something special about this type of worship/expression, even if you don't share their beliefs.

But no matter what you play, you'll find that real musicians respect you if you play it sincerely, from the heart, and with passion.

Happy drumming!


  1. Totally agree with this. You gotta do it only if it's what you really want to, because we all know the pay check doesn't cut it!

    1. No kidding. If you're doing music just to make money, there are way too many ways to make a lot more money with a lot less effort.


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