The Tempo Project

Let's face it, we all hate practicing to the click (or metronome), but it's a fact of life that a musician has to have great time feel. In the modern era, almost every commercially available track has been recorded to a metronome or click track, so it is relatively safe to practice to actual music, rather than exclusively with a metronome. This practice method is meant to enhance your time feel practice, not to replace your metronome.

To that end, I've created this database of music that is easily accessible, listed by tempo. It is my intent to update and expand it frequently.

I've included some additional information, such as time signature, pulse-feel (swing or straight), division of beats (odd meters, etc.) and phrase length. In rare cases, I'll link to a site where the track can be found. Otherwise, I leave you to your favorite legal downloading and streaming sites. 

One final note: This website and database are free and open to anyone who wishes to use them. If you have questions, requests, suggestions or corrections, please share them in the comments below, or send them to me directly at:

Happy practicing!

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